Project Info

Client: Solitaire Investments

Project Description

Marsden Valley Subdivision “Quail Rise”

Taylors Contracting has been busy constructing this large Stoke subdivision in several stages.

Stage 1 & 2 were completed in late 2016 and consisted of 33 lots and 2 roadways. Since then Taylors has been working on stages 5 & 6. Stage 5 will have a total of 33 lots, with stage 6 design still to be finalised.

Taylors have been involved in all the earthworks, subsoil drainage and shear key builds. So far there has been an estimated 100,000m3 cut to fill and an additional 60,000m3 cut to waste. This project has also included the creation of a large Rock Swale for stormwater drainage, involving the use of durotextiles and specially screened rock sizes.

This project has been challenging with the steep terrain, multiple design changes and the special Health & Safety considerations involved in constructing a new subdivision, while the completed one is quickly being built on with residential dwellings. However, Taylors Contracting has been proud to provide flexibility, working with the Client for the best outcome.

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