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We are pleased to share selected news featuring our people and projects. If you are interested in doing a story about our work please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


Te Pā Harakeke scoops another award

Te Pā Harakeke recently won the award for Stormwater Project of the Year at the Stormwater Conference & Expo in Wellington. The Taylors Contracting Civil team were responsible for introducing innovative engineering solutions to Te Pā Harakeke. The project had an extremely tight budget and was conducted under the glare...
Port Tarakohe

Taylors Contracting rock export from Port Tarakohe a triumph of planning and collaboration

Taylors Contracting has successfully completed its first 3,000 tonne rock export from Port Tarakohe to the lower North Island due to careful planning in response to resource consent requirements and site constraints. Just over 21,200 tonne of rock was extracted from Taylors’ privately-owned Balcks Quarry in just 79 work days...

Taylors Contributes to Community Safety and Weather Resilience

We’re very proud to be contributing to community safety and weather resilience through our work on Te Awa Kairangi (formerly known as RiverLink). As a result of the work being undertaken the stop bank is being widened and its height increased. When combined with other Te Awa Kairangi programme projects, such as...

Quick fire response from Taylors’ team members makes all the difference

Well done to members of our team (Andrew, Shane and Steve) who responded so quickly and decisively to lend assistance to suppress a fire in the Appleby area on 12 December. Conditions were difficult and windy and their swift actions on the day made all the difference. Our team was...

Scraper Double Act Turns Heads

Two scrapers working on the same site is a rare sight. Here's a recent video from the Blairich project Taylors is working on in Marlborough for client Whitehaven Wine Company. Tim Smit from Marlborough Management Services is the project engineer.

A promise to a friend leads to a life-saving check up

A promise made to a friend before he passed away prompted Taylors Contracting Rivers Department supervisor Iain ‘Hoggy’ Hogg to get the annual check ups that may have saved his life. “I had a good friend who was diagnosed with cancer in his late 40s,” says Hoggy. “He was only...
Gabby Marshall

Movember workplace health campaign a potential lifesaver

Taylors Contracting’s Gabby Marshall credits a Movember men’s health prompt from his workplace for the prostate examination that may have saved his life. “I had high uric acid levels because I had gout and I was at the doctor getting a repeat prescription. I said to him can I get...
Joe Edwards

New Taylors Contracting board member brings passion for health and safety

Joe Edwards has joined the Taylors Contracting board, replacing retiring director Steve Hart. Joe has a particular passion for workplace health and safety and says that one of the aspects of Taylors Contracting that he has long admired has been the way that the company cares for its staff. “A...

Work Experience Shows Potential For Quarrying Career

Nelson College Year 13 student Logan Dunn has been gaining some work experience with the Taylors Contracting team at the Lee Valley Limestone quarry. Logan has always been keen on a career as a truck driver, however, working with the quarry team has opened his eyes to the benefits of...
Jock Peter

Jock Peter’s 20-Year Milestone

A personal connection with the Taylor family provided operator Jock Peter’s initial introduction to working in the business in 2003. Twenty years later Jock is proud to still be supporting the Taylors, having made a contribution to some of the business’ most iconic projects around the South Island. “I knew...

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