Biofuel & Wood Residues

Grinding & mulching woody bio waste into useful products

Our business requires us to solve problems and develop innovative and future-focused solutions. One example is collaborating to develop financially viable and fit-for-purpose uses for products such as wood residue.

Biofuel Preparation & Manufacture

We are developing our capability in the manufacture of biofuels using residues from forestry harvesting operations and other sources such as wood pallets and material from orchards.

There is potentially 90,000 tonne of forestry residues being produced across the Tasman district every year.

Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate with us as a supplier of residues or a user of biofuels in your operation.

Biofuel & Wood Residue Equipment

Taylors’ CBI 6800 horizontal grinder is available for grinding and mulching woody bio waste into useful products such as biofuel for boilers, mulch for landscaping, material for soil stabilisation, and bedding or feeding pad material for livestock husbandry. Unlike mobile chippers, our grinder processes residues using a hammer mill which better manages feedstock that may be contaminated with rock and soil.

Since arriving in the region the grinder has had several applications. It was used at the Waimea Dam to assist with the tree removal operations on the footprint of the dam.

Forestry companies in the region have also used it to break up harvest residues into small material to take the burden of wood waste off the areas around harvest sites. Land conversion operations can also benefit from the grinder’s ability to deal with trees and shelterbelts, such as in urban subdivisions and for rural land use change.

On-Site Biofuel Manufacture Locations

Our grinder is a mobile unit that can be moved by lowbed to jobs around the region and further afield. Being self-propelled it can be readily moved around sites to where the work is.

We have a sound understanding of supply chain logistics and costs and have the ability to respond quickly to opportunities arising in the market regardless of the location.

We are ready to offer a solution for those who want to use their residues to create value and environmental benefits. Contact us about your Biofuel Processing needs.

mobile biofuel manufacturing
mobile biofuel manufacture

Taylors' Biofuel & Wood Residue Services