Environmental Services

Protecting the environment and sustaining our natural resources

Erosion and sediment control and riverbank protection are essential parts of our environmental service provision.

We actively seek innovative ways to complete projects that may be difficult or too complex for others, we thrive on the challenge. It is our goal to deliver value to our clients, while protecting the future productivity of natural resources and ensuring that, over time, the environmental, cultural, and community values of the land we work on is maintained or enhanced.

Erosion and Sediment Control

We have specialised equipment to support our environmental services work with a hay blower, hydromulcher and a recently acquired wood waste grinder which can produce useful products such as biofuel for boilers, mulch for landscaping, or material for soil stabilisation.

We research and trial dust suppression and hydromulch products to ensure we have range of tools at our disposal to achieve the desired outcomes to prevent erosion and discharges of sediment. In addition, we hold resource consents to use these products in the Te Tau Ihu and Canterbury regions. Please contact us if you require any environmental services.


There are new products being developed all the time that have applications within our environmental services work programme, and we are always interested in learning about new innovations or collaborating with others to develop solutions. Please get in touch if you have ideas or new products to share with us. We are always open to new ideas!

Native tree planting to support riverbank protection is also an important part of our work, as is using proven ‘soft’ options for erosion protection of river systems. Our team is hugely experienced in this area.

Taylors Contracting pursue knowledge and practices that lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions. We strive to do the right thing, We plan for and are committed to, protecting the environment and proactively minimising the adverse effects of our activities. We practice good environmental stewardship when undertaking projects.

Our Environmental Business Unit has a full time Environmental Advisor. We also have an in-house Environmental Improvement Committee to ensure our objectives are being met and that we are continually improving our business’ environmental performance.

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Our People

We have a depth of experience with qualified, approachable people who undertake erosion and sediment control. We pride ourselves on our staff and their can-do attitude and we are proud of the accolades they have received over the years. Our people are the heart and soul of our business.

We are committed to training and developing our staff to ensure that all individuals are competent in terms of meeting the company’s environmental expectations. Through developing and implementing best practice systems and management practices we ensure that there is a systematic approach to work undertaken that meets the objectives of Taylors’ Environmental policy.

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Taylors' Environmental Services

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