Project Info

Client: Central Plains Water (CPW)

Project Description

The Sheffield Storage Pond is now complete.

Water from the Waimakariri river intake is pumped 80m vertically to the open channel supply race, through 3 concrete drop structures to slow velocity before it enters the 1.6m inlet pipe for the last kilometre to the storage pond. From there the water is fed to the irrigation shareholders via approx. 40km of distribution pipeline past the village of Sheffield.

The pond is approximately 100 acres in size, holds 2.15 million m3 of water and irrigates 4,300 hectares of farmland. The original cut to fill quantity was 496,995m3 and topsoil/silt 214,941m3. Due to compaction factors and additional ballast requirements the cut quantity increased to 584,994m3, with a new total earthworks of 799,935m3. The pond is lined with 300,000m2 of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to stop any losses through the mainly gravel floor.

The project was at times technically challenging with design changes and site conditions having the Taylors and Fulton Hogan (joint venture) project management team working hard to find solutions for the client that added value, were financially and technically acceptable. The client has now signed off the project and acknowledged the effort put in by the entire project team to meet or exceed their expectations.

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