Quick fire response from Taylors’ team members makes all the difference


Well done to members of our team (Andrew, Shane and Steve) who responded so quickly and decisively to lend assistance to suppress a fire in the Appleby area on 12 December. Conditions were difficult and windy and their swift actions on the day made all the difference.

Our team was working on a neighbouring site carrying out gravel extraction for Fulton Hogan. We provided our water trucks “Chicken Nugget”, a converted rigid dump truck with 30,000 litre capacity and a T14 Water Truck with 15,000 litre capacity.   Our Site Engineer Steve Fensom liaised with FENZ directly at the fire site and was responsible for directing the two tankers.  Originally, the tankers were used to fill FENZ rapid deployment water ponds however the tankers’ water cannons soon proved to be more effective applying the water directly.

We are very proud of “Chicken Nugget” driver Shane Smith, T14 driver Andrew Hattaway, and Steve Fensom who went above and beyond to help community members in need. Fire can spread very quickly in windy conditions such as these and we are very glad that our team members stayed safe while providing much-needed assistance.

(Photo credit Steve Fensom)

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