Butch Schofield

Butch Schofield at Taylors


‘Butch’ Schofield took an unusal pathway to his current role within the Quarries team. He spent nearly ten years working as a butcher before joining Taylors nearly four years ago.

A co-worker’s wife told him about the opportunity to work at Taylors, and despite having no experience as a machine operator he approached Taylors.

“Taylors said that they would work with the right person to train them up and that’s exactly what they have done,” says Butch. “They’ve supported me to get all my tickets and training, including my B Grade Quarry Managers Certificate.”

Butch says he loves working outside and is really enjoying being involved in a range of tasks in the Quarry environment.

“I get to do a bit of everything – pulling rock, loading rock trucks, drilling, and I’ve got all my tickets for blasting. I really enjoy operating heavy machinery and blasting and the work environment is great. The Quarries team are a really good group.”

Butch says that he’s keen to work towards being a Quarry Manager in the future but at the moment he’s enjoying operating the machinery and being a part of the wider Taylors team.

“The work environment is really good throughout the whole company. We’re certainly well looked after and there is a definite focus on health and safety and mental health.  If you’re looking for a bit of a change I’d recommend Taylors. Nothing was spared to get me the training I needed.”

Butch’s manager Neil McKay says that he’d love to find more people like Butch. “He has an eye for the job at hand and thinks ahead. What he’s been able to achieve with no previous machinery experience has been impressive. We are developing his management skills and we see a real pathway there for Butch.”

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