Corina Warren

Corina Warren at Taylors

Accounts Administrator

After more than 11 years with Taylors, Corina Warren loves that she is still being challenged to learn and grow in her role as Accounts Administrator.
Corina is an example of Taylors’ flexible approach paying dividends. She saw her role advertised in a local school newsletter and initially just worked mornings to fit around her school and kindy-aged children. When her youngest child started school she increased her hours to 9am-3pm and now works fulltime.

Many of Taylors’ suppliers have contact with Corina as she is responsible for accounts payable and processes invoices for subcontractors. She also looks after stock levels and invoicing for the Quarry department and payment claims for some contracts, such as the Rivers department’s contract with the Tasman District Council. “I love the variety I’ve got in my job now. Every day I’m doing different things.”
If you visit Taylors’ Brightwater office you’ll often see Corina’s warm smile as you sign in at reception. It’s clear that she enjoys her job.

“There are a really good bunch of people throughout the business. I really appreciate that we are so well looked after. There is genuine care for everyone who works here.
I feel really lucky because you don’t always get that.”

Corina particularly values the focus on people’s wellbeing within the business.

“That old stereotype that men don’t really talk about their feelings much, that’s not necessarily true. There are lots of men here that are very comfortable talking about how they’re feeling and making use of whatever assistance we have available to us. That focus is huge in our company and it’s taken really seriously.”

She also gets to see first-hand the importance that’s placed on empowering everyone to speak up about health and safety.

“Operators determine if they’re comfortable doing something. They have the power to say ‘we have to find another way’ if they don’t think it’s safe. That’s really good. The most important thing is that everyone is safe.”

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